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Save disinfection by ozone


Ozone is the result of the rearrangement of oxygen atoms when molecules are subjected to an electrical discharge. It's the most active form of oxygen. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes ozone as the most efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for disinfection for premises, shops,

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What kind of Air Conditioning to find


Having to choose a new air conditioning system for your home can be a stressful and confusing time. With all the different types of air conditioners on the market, the possibilities may seem overwhelming. Depending on your situation, you might even be under a time constraint and have to choose a new system soon. Different

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Why you have to clean Air Conditionings


In order for the Air Conditioning System on Mallorca to function continuously and effectively, it must be cleaned regularly and as required. Effective disinfection is of central importance, as a non-disinfected Air-Conditioning System is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould. These Microorganisms and Pathogens are blown into the Face each time the

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Monitor the temperature and humidity levels at home


Hey, you, Smart-Home Expert! Thank you for your constant support and your drive to make your home smarter! We want to make you truly happy and our devoted team is always working hard to delight you! Yours truly, MClimate Team P.S. Stay tuned to our newsletters as March will be a very important month filled with

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How air conditioning changed the world


Imagine we could control the weather - pushing a button to make it warmer or cooler, wetter or drier. The implications would be enormous. No more droughts or floods, no heat waves or icy roads. Deserts would become verdant. Crops would never fail. In fact climate change has sparked some crazy-sounding ideas for hacking

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Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?


It’s freezing outside… no problem the air conditioner will take care of that. Awesome. It’s really hot outside….no problem the air conditioner will take care of that too. Awesome again. We are strongly attached to this climate changer but have we ever thought – “is this healthy?”   The air conditioning systems need to be

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AC Freon Leaks – All You Need to Know


What is a Freon Leak? Freon is a gas heavier than air, that becomes liquid when cooled. It’s used in the inner and outer body of your AC, to cool and to heat your house. If for some reason freon is going out of your unit, you are having a freon leak and you

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Black Friday Special Price


Black Friday is fast approaching and here at Cool Global Mallorca we want to provide you with the best possible deals on the island of Mallorca (Majorca) to make sure our clients are not feeling left out in the cold. We believe now is the right time to have your air conditioner serviced before the

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Halloween Specials


Trick or Treat Let's blow away the cobwebs during Halloween and make sure that your air conditioning unit is performing optimally. We will service your unit for as low as €75. If you find it any cheaper then we will match the quoted price! Why Hire Us? When you are hiring Cool Global Mallorca you can trust the

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