Halloween Specials

Trick or Treat

Let’s blow away the cobwebs during Halloween and make sure that your air conditioning unit is performing optimally. We will service your unit for as low as €75.

If you find it any cheaper then we will match the quoted price!

Why Hire Us?

When you are hiring Cool Global Mallorca you can trust the work that is being carried out. Whether it’s a big installation or simple filter replacement, we make sure each job is done thoroughly and professionally.

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Components in your heating and cooling systems such as your air filters, evaporator coils and ducts should be cleaned regularly. This ensures that your units remain efficient and there are no blockages or surprise problems ready to rear their heads.
  • Replacement: Other items in your cooling or heating systems needs to be replaced regularly, air filters and evaporator coil replacement also falls into this category.
  • Repairs: Over time the components in your units can be subject to wear and tear. Before replacing a component, we check to see if a repair is feasible and will give you better results.
  • New Installations: We specialise in new installations, making it easy for you to upgrade your systems or make a switch to a newer, more modern heating or cooling system.

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