Service & Maintenance

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Air conditioning units require a certain air-flow and this has to be maintained for optimal economy and long term usage so consider the common saying “prevention is better than cure”.

By maintaining your air-con units you will find it is both cost effective for machine life and also in terms of running costs.

Air conditioning system’s need servicing so we provided a maintenance programme that is available to any of our customers irrespective of the air conditioning type of even if the system is new or old.

Our Preventative Maintenance consists of one or two visits per year where a qualified engineer will check the complete system. If any anomalies such as loss off gas, replacement of filters or electrical faults are discovered then the engineer will repair or replace such problems which will be included in the cost of the maintenance agreement. This should provide you with peace of mind to an optimal continuous temperature controlled environment.

Systems that are regularly serviced increase the lifetime expectancy upto 15 years. Needless to say, that systems without regular checks tend to require replacement after just 3 to 4 years which ultimately costs more in the long term.

Guarantees from most air conditioning companies do not include a regular service. The gas refrigerant and filters in air conditioning systems should be checked on a regular basis, loss of gas or filter blockage over a period of time will cause the machine to run high and will take longer to reach its temperature costing more in electricity. Eventually the compressor in the main component of your system will overheat and cease to function causing another expense compared to preventative servicing.

It’s normal to think about leaving the unit running until it malfunctions. However, if you want to save money then you should consider a regular service. This will prevent a breakdown and improve efficiency and extend the unit’s life-span.