Why you have to clean Air Conditionings

In order for the Air Conditioning System on Mallorca to function continuously and effectively, it must be cleaned regularly and as required. Effective disinfection is of central importance, as a non-disinfected Air-Conditioning System is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould.

These Microorganisms and Pathogens are blown into the Face each time the Air Conditioner is switched on if there is no Disinfection (and thus Infestation). This Contamination can lead to Illnesses as well as Allergic Reactions. Disinfecting an Air Conditioner is Part of it if you have an Air Conditioner.

Air Conditioning Systems require regular Maintenance.

Approximately eight to ten Percent of the Fillers in Air Conditioning Systems are lost to the Ambient Air. Although there are no immediate Health Hazards here, the loss of Fillers directly and constantly exposes the Environment to a considerable overall burden.

The Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Systems are Aware of this Problem, but are usually concealed in the Operating Instructions. Here the information for refilling or Cleaning the System is often missing. Air Conditioning Systems must be run regularly to avoid the Risk of Leaks.

If the cooling capacity decreases over time or partially fails to materialize, this does not necessarily indicate a defect in the Air Conditioning System, but may be caused by leaking hose connections, clogged Air Filters or a lack of Coolant.

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