Control your air conditioner remotely regardless of your location

You have an air conditioner? Do you know it controls 50% of your electricity?

Yep. And some bad news – it’s dumb. Your air conditioner doesn’t know anything about you.

Good news? We provide air conditioner smart and connected devices.

Whether you are out of town, at your villa up in the mountains, at work, or stuck in traffic, There are products that we install that gives you the opportunity to distance control your air conditioner.

We have devices that controls your air conditioner intelligently and saves up to 25% of energy costs.

Our products are compatible with your air conditioner.

The product is a fist-sized device that can control just about any AC unit that takes commands from an infrared remote control. It has its own hygrometer and thermometer, so it can calculate the “real feel” in a room in addition to the current temperature. The rest is done over the Internet: it connects to a server and a smartphone app that can either control the AC automatically or allow you to control it manually from your phone.

It has all the capabilities you would expect from a smart gadget designed to plug into the Internet of Things: It can “learn” your habits and preferences, maintain different temperatures in different rooms (by linking different devices to the same account), tap into the location services of your phone to turn the AC on once you are within a preset radius of your home, and be easily updated to support new models of air conditioners coming out on the market. It saves up to 25% on a typical electricity bill.

Perhaps it’s time for you to get in contact with us at Cool Global Mallorca so that we can get you up and running and saving money.

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